Helping Families Discover the Magic of Plants and Nature

As a lifelong creator, Ashley is inspired by the natural world in her handmade crafts, goods and on her family homestead. After studying Agriculture and Horticulture in college, she later became certified as a permaculture design teacher. Ashley founded and leads classes at The Children’s Garden and Outdoor Classroom in Wimberley, Tx, teaching children and adults Gardening, forest school, and sustainable living skills. When she is not busy with all that you’ll find her in her garden tending plants, chickens, goats, bees, and her homeschooled free range son.

Essential Oils with our Homestead Lifestyle

What makes us feel healthy and what makes us feel happy is a lifestyle focused more on nature and less on consumption. We value clean local food, community, and love learning how to make ourselves more self sufficient. While working to create a smaller foot print on the planet, our free time is spent caring for our animals and practicing land stewardship. We homeschool our kiddo and share our passion by leading a children’s Nature School on our property. Is it hard work? Yes! Some nights we fall asleep achey and itchy, but we see the results of our hard work, and we have our helpful plant allies by our side.

We choose Young Living Essential Oils because they work, and they hold the same standard of cleanliness and earth stewardship as we do. Simply leave the earth better than you found it, humans can create wild abundance!

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